Ep. 000044 - I Just Went Full Lumbar

Ep. 000044 - I Just Went Full Lumbar 

Quick Rundown:

Ricky is here! Woop! https://www.facebook.com/RickyReillyMusic

From Slau:

“First let me tell you where I'm coming from. So, never mind my first 2 guitars I had when I was a kid. They were beginner instruments. When I got serious about playing, however, I got a Les Paul Custom. I played that guitar for years before getting my first Strat. (Believe me, I'm trying to give you a Reader's Digest version here) Naturally, I always wanted a nice acoustic so I eventually bought a wonderful Taylor 420. The more I played, the more I felt I needed to go for a hollow body. I bought several hollow body guitars. Somewhere in there, I figured I'd like a Telecaster flavor so I got a cheap Tele. Now I find myself thinking that what I've really wanted all along is a nice semihollow guitar. All along, I'm developing a recognition of each guitar's individual character / style, etc., and realizing that I'm looking for something just a little different from time to time. My wife doesn't even try to understand why I need 20 guitars but I do.

So, if you were starting over, building your guitar collection from scratch, what kinds of guitars would you say are "a must" to have a well-rounded palette of colors / characters for virtually all applications? It's silly to try to come up with a "single guitar" for everything. But, let's say you could have 3, what would they be? A Les Paul, Strat and acoustic? Sounds reasonable but, beyond that, what guitars are unique enough that it would justify adding them to that initial set of 3? Hmm…

Shit, now I'm thinking I need a resonator…”