Hi, I'm Derek.

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, podcaster, musician… general doer of things. 

I view the creativity and the creative process as one of the most organic, honest things someone can be a part of. However, graphic design can so easily get out of hand. It can end up being the biggest roadblock of any given project. 

My goal is to keep my work as close to the organic and honest creative process as possible. If it isn’t coming together easily, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why. 

The best designers let it flow. If there’s a hold up, it shouldn’t be ignored. 

Personal Projects

Do Something Different is a media marketing group based in Manchester, NH. I work with them occasionally on internal branding, wedding photography and videography, and client work. 

Visit dosomethingdifferentmedia.com for more info.

Music is a huge part of my life. I've played in a handful of bands over the years, performed on countless stages across New England, and even released a couple of full length albums. Playing guitar is one of the strongest personal creative outlets I have. 

The Tone Control is a bi-weekly podcast I do with Justin Newton all about guitars, guitar equipment, recording, and making music. The show is entirely self produced, recorded, and published. 

Head to tonecontrolshow.com for more info.