Hi, I'm Derek.

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, podcaster, musician, gamer… general doer of things. 

Professionally, I specialize in branding, company identity, and graphic design for marketing purposes. I work a lot with trade show event coordination, vendor relations, marketing material design, and sales team support.

Personally, I enjoy photography, podcasting, building and playing guitar, gaming... I'll leave it there for now. I tend to have a lot of hobbies.

Personal Projects

Do Something Different is a media marketing group based in Manchester, NH. I work with them occasionally on internal branding, wedding photography and videography, and client work. 

Visit dosomethingdifferentmedia.com for more info.

Music is a huge part of my life. I've played in a handful of bands over the years, performed on countless stages across New England, and even released a couple of full length albums. Playing guitar is one of the strongest personal creative outlets I have. 

The Tone Control is a bi-weekly podcast I do with Justin Newton all about guitars, guitar equipment, recording, and making music. The show is entirely self produced, recorded, and published. 

Head to tonecontrolshow.com for more info.