Ep. 000043 - I'm DONE With Little Frets

Ep. 000043 - I'm DONE With Little Frets

Quick Rundown
Apple music is $10/mo individually, $15/mo per “family”. 


  • Line 6 Helix http://line6.com/helix/ 
  • Appears to be going after the Axe FX stuff
  • Tour-grade multi-effects pedal with dual DSP
  • 6.2” color LCD, capacitive touch footswitches
  • Hands free sound editing using footswitches and wah/volume pedal
  • External control for remotes, amps, or stompboxes
  • Four FX loops, midi, usb, everything
  • Pedalboard $1499, Rack unit $1499, controller $499 


  • DOD reissues the Gonkulator! 
  • DOD Grunge pedal in parallel with a ring mod
  • Added frequency control
  • Normal names for knobs (no more suck, smear, gunk, and heave)


  • TC Electronic PolyTune Clip
  • Super tough clip on tuner with extra strong spring
  • Brighter and faster display than ever before
  • Screen automatically flips so you can mount on front or back of headstock
  • Newer/better algorithm for polyphonic tuning, seamlessly switches to chromatic mode
  • Flat tunings and capo modes
  • About $50? 


  • Prisma Guitars
  • San Francisco based guitar company making guitars in the classic skateboard-ply style
  • Solid back and sides with awesome multi-color top
  • Bunch of models, Jazzmaster, 335, Mustang, Les Paul inspired designs 
  • Each top is unique and hand made. 
  • $2300 and up for production models. Custom shop starts at $2500. 
  • http://www.prismaguitars.com/guitars/