Fixing up all kinds of things

Some of the old secondary navigation pages on this site have been neglected for far too long. Time to dust those off and refresh a little. Hopefully I'll have a new portrait coming in soon; I went up to the Millyard recently to visit with DSD and we snapped a few. If I look like garbage I won't post it though. So you'll have to pretend. 

Why a new portrait? 

Well, I wear glasses now and my beard is about 4032 times longer. Thought it might be time to let y'all know what I actually look like again. 

Our homemade wedding video

My now wife and I decided long ago that it would be SUPER COOL if we filmed our wedding using GoPros. The original idea was to put one in her bouquet and capture some neat stuff, but then as we talked to our friends and family about it, they volunteered their cameras to the cause! 

This video was a long time coming... I finally was able to finish it super quickly on our new iMac (see below!) just the other day and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. I can't wait to make more videos like this in the near future.

So the details: This was filmed on 3 GoPro cameras. 2 3+ Black Editions and one 3 Black Edition. I edited it over many months on my old MacBook Pro and my BRAND NEW iMac using Final Cut Pro X. 

Next up: Our trip to Colorado. 

[Reminder, I'm sort of changing the scope of this site a little bit to be a more universal blog about my creative endeavors. Video editing is not my strongest suit, but I made it and I'm proud of it, so here you go.]

New iMac

At last! A new machine has found it's way into my life. Coming to you live from a brand new 27" iMac! 

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally able to do the kind of work I want to do on a machine that will cooperate. A lot of the work on this site has been done on various computers over the years, but I never really felt like I had a true "workstation". Now, I'm happy to report, I'm able to create things much more effortlessly. 

I'm hoping to get more up on the site soon, but I think I'll start with my wedding video I made entirely using GoPro cameras. 

Low Poly

Thanks to a pretty cool sub-reddit, I thought I would try my hand at "Low Poly" artwork. I'm not sure if this ties in exactly with what the sub is going for, but I like the result. 

This is still a work in progress...need to figure out something for the background still. Oh and in case you're wondering what type of bird this is, it's the state bird of New Hampshire.

Purple Finch (although, it's sorta pink, huh?)

I'm still thinking of "brand" ideas for my first batch of home brewed beer I have going on right now... Maybe something along these lines. The NH state bird would make sense... More on that later. 


Now that Squarespace 7 has officially launched, I'm thinking it might be about time I redesigned this site. I like the plain white look for the most part right now, but it's really basic and, let's be honest, kind of boring. 

That might be happening in the coming weeks... Keep an eye out for that. Also if you happen to land on the site in the middle of my rebuilding it, sit tight. It'll all be over soon.