Our homemade wedding video

My now wife and I decided long ago that it would be SUPER COOL if we filmed our wedding using GoPros. The original idea was to put one in her bouquet and capture some neat stuff, but then as we talked to our friends and family about it, they volunteered their cameras to the cause! 

This video was a long time coming... I finally was able to finish it super quickly on our new iMac (see below!) just the other day and I couldn't be happier with how it came out. I can't wait to make more videos like this in the near future.

So the details: This was filmed on 3 GoPro cameras. 2 3+ Black Editions and one 3 Black Edition. I edited it over many months on my old MacBook Pro and my BRAND NEW iMac using Final Cut Pro X. 

Next up: Our trip to Colorado. 

[Reminder, I'm sort of changing the scope of this site a little bit to be a more universal blog about my creative endeavors. Video editing is not my strongest suit, but I made it and I'm proud of it, so here you go.]