Ep. 61 - What Are You Bouncing On?

61 - What Are You Bouncing On?


Master tone control - Dad bands.

Jack from Too Late The Hero is joining us!


Quick Rundown:

  • Guitar World has finally decided to end the “swimsuit edition” gear guides. (Stab : BE Cadavernous Reverb)

  • Warmoth introduced the Nomad Body & Neck. Explorer style, more like Ibanez Destroyer though. Thick enough for a whammy! (stab: CBA Warped Vinyl)



  • Keeley Monterey Fuzz (stab: WA Plainsman)

    • Nasty 60’s fuzz with extra effects on board

    • Fuzz on one footswitch, and then Modulation sounds accessed via the mini toggle/second footswitch

    • Rotary Speaker, Univibe, Harmonic Trem, and Auto Wah…!

    • Octave knob is set to 0 at 12oclock. Clockwise for up octave blend, CCW for sub octave blend

    • Expression in lets you control the depth of the vibe, other parameters

    • 9 different paint jobs all in the style of Hendrix’s Monterey Pop Strat. Cool!

    • $299, currently on back order.

    • https://robertkeeley.com/product/monterey-fuzz-vibe-workstation/

  • Digitech Whammy Ricochet (WA Mayflower)

    • It’s a whammy pedal without the expression pedal (like the Boss SuperShifter or Harmonist, or whatever it was)

    • Footswitch can be set to momentary or latching

    • 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, octave, 2 octave, octave + dry

    • Mini toggle for raising pitch or lowering pitch

    • Stacked pot controls how quickly it reaches your target pitch (octave down, 5th above, etc) and how quickly it returns to pitch.

    • Push and hold footswitch to access “classic whammy” mode which is full of weird artifacts and glitchy sounds

    • $187.44

    • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRECArfFKhk

    • http://digitech.com/en-US/products/whammy-ricochet

  • Pedal Genie

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