Ep. 005900 - I Almost Said Podcast

Sorry this took so long. I moved. 

Quick Rundown

  • Kirk Hammett, you dummy (Stab: Walrus Audio Mayflower) http://www.effectsbay.com/2016/02/kirk-hammett-an-actual-guitar-player/ 
  • Walrus Audio Julia Chorus is up for preorder. $199, shipping March 1st. (Stab: Keeley Phase 24)
  • Get that great industrial revolution tone with the ZVex Candle Powered Vibrato/Phaser (Stab: JHS Twin Twelve) https://reverb.com/blog/zvex-launches-the-candle-powered-vibrophase-pedal?_aid=fb 
  • ODD Guitars  (Stab: Earthquaker Ghost Echo) http://www.odd.org.nz/steampunk.html 

Pedal Genie!

Listener mail from Ryan (Stab: Mesa Throttle Box)
“Hey guys,

So I've  just returned to electric guitar after a 6 year hiatus...Grad school, marriage and baby can certainly put constraints on hobby time. But, the time has come to crunch again. 

I just purchased a Fender American Special Strat. Got a small 15 Watt Marshall amp as I'll be a home player for the foreseeable future. Also grabbed the Solidgoldfx If 6 was 9 fuzz pedal...and yes, I did subscribe to pedal genie...thanks Tony...douche.

What pedals are on your pedalboard right now? And what do you think every guitarist should have in their Arsenal (for the "average" player, not a performing musician)?

What strings do you fancy? I'm starting out w Ernie Ball super slink as that's what I used to use back in the day...

Anyways...dig the cast and will have fun going through your episode catalog as I shake off the thick layer of rust on my fingers.

Ryan Johnson”