The Virtual Revive

My buddy Brian Layne from way back in Connecticut has just launched his brand new website, The Virtual Revive

Brian is a certified Apple technician and worked as a Genius for 2 years. He's all about technology and can probably answer any question you might have. Additionally he's got one of the  most comprehensive Jailbreak guides I've ever seen. Best of all? It's free. 

(Sidebar: I'm not one to Jailbreak my iOS devices, but this guy knows his stuff. I completely trust his techniques and guidelines. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a try someday!)

So I highly recommend you add this to your daily web perusing. There are some really cool photos of the insides of computers and phones and stuff from Brian's day job as a manager of a Mac repair shop. 

TL;DR: check out this website. I bet you'll like it.