I've recenlty been tasked with taking employee photographs here at work. We're growing pretty quickly these days and we need some kind of official record of who the heck everyone is! 

I was originally planning on using my 18-55mm f/4.5 kit lens that came with the Pentax K200D that I have, but the aperture isn't quite as wide as I was hoping for. I love how wide the 18mm looks, but I couldn't get the bokeh I was craving. This morning I decided I would switch to the 50mm f/1.4 that I have. It's been a long time since this lens has seen any action on my camera, and for that I am ashamed! This lens is great!

I'm going to shoot the subjects at a wide open f/1.4 to get the background nice and creamy smooth (Bokelicious, if you will). That way any distractions in the background wont be an issue. The 18-55mm did a decent job with the depth of field, but I had to get uncomfortably close to my test subject. With the 50mm I'll be able to stand back a little. Plus, the 50mm is widely regarded as the most accurate to the human eye. 

Depending on how the day goes, I might post some test shots on here for example.


I can't wait to get a new DSLR. The one I'm looking at has an 18-135mm has a nice medium f/3.5 to f/5.6, but after this little rediscovery I'm really thinking about picking up a 50mm (or even the new 40mm Canon Pancake) to carry around as well. Maybe when that time comes I'll do some bokeh testing of my own!