Ep. 000047 - What Is The Captive Nut?

Quick Rundown:




Beginner stuff?

My buddy Ryan is learning guitar. He has no musical background and is just going for it via youtube lessons, tips from friends, etc. I’ve learned just by talking to him that this is way harder than I remember and to anyone just learning right now, power to you. Not only are you trying to learn all there is to know about guitars and how they work, you’re trying to learn all about music at the same time. Definitely a challenge.


He asks: “Honestly my biggest struggle right now is transitioning from one note to another and proper finger angle technique. I know that's something that probably can't be taught but it might be worth at least a discussion.”


  • “Tilt”

  • Economy of playing/leaving early

  • Now is not the time to dwell on gear. Everyone has to play crappy guitars for a while.

  • Time

  • Listen to music and other guitar players with a critical ear. What are they doing? How are they doing it? Why are they doing it? Don’t just put music on to have on, listen actively.