Ep. 000038 - Beer or Gear?

Ep. 000038 - Beer or Gear?

Quick Rundown

  • EQD launched the Levitation Reverb. Teamed up with Levitation Music Festival in Austin. Based on Ghost Echo but w/ different controls

  • EHX Nano POG is out! Controls for sub octave, octave up, and dry. Soft touch switch and FX/Dry outputs

  • IK Multimedia’s UltraTuner iphone app is now compatible with Apple Watch.

  • Softube MarsHall Plexi Super lead, by Tony Platt


  • Marshall Astoria Series

    • Launched at Musikmesse 2015, hand wired, point to point tube amps

    • Turrets mounted on a PCB allowing for more complex switching

    • Classic, Custom, and Dual models

      • Classic is single channel. Loud, clean, pedal friendly.

      • Custom is single channel plus footswitchable tube FX loop, tone shaping pull switches, and footswitchable gain boost

      • Dual  has two footswitchable channels, fx loop, and tonal shaping

    • All 30W, combo or head + 1x12 cab with Celestion Creamback

    • http://guitarnoize.com/musikmesse-2015-colourful-marshall-amps-astoria-series/

  • Orange Bax Bangeetar

    • Guitar Pre-EQ pedal

    • “Hugely versatile gain structure with extensive EQ controls”

      • Mid cut/boost, Q, Frequency, Bass, Treble

    • Built in footswitchable boost, highly transparent buffered bypass

    • CabSim circuit can go direct to PA. “Mimics the frequency response of a mic’d Orange 4x12”. Even down to the Celestion G12H 30’s

    • Internal charge pump doubles internal voltage to 18V, still runs on a single 9V battery if you want

    • https://www.orangeamps.com/bax-bangeetar/

  • Pedal Genie! As always, this episode of The Tone Control is brought to you by Pedal Genie! It's like the netflix of guitar pedals! Head to pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol, make your wishlist, and sign up for just a buck. This week: The Moog MF Delay, and the Pigtronix FAT Drive.

  • Positive Grid Bias FX

    • Like BIAS, but for pedals.

    • BIAS launched with no fx support, now you can build pedalboards and signal paths like you can with amps

    • 25 stomp box models, 5 rackmount processors, all integrated in up to 2 BIAS amps (if you own the app)

    • Use a signal splitter to send to your two amps separately, or blend together. or delay up to 3ms

    • Drag and drop pedals into the order you want

    • Includes 6 amps if you don’t own BIAS or JamUp

    • Same live-view available for quick switching, bluetooth pedalboard compatible, and cloud based tone saving/sharing

    • $29.99 in the app store

    • http://guitarnoize.com/positive-grid-launches-bias-fx-a-new-pro-grade-guitar-effects-and-amp-rig/