Ep. 000040 - Wake Up, You Piece of Shit!

Ep. 000040 - Wake up, you piece of shit

Quick Rundown:

  • I got an AC30 C2!

  • New line of super affordable guitars from PRS. $499, all mahogany w/ rosewood fretboard, set neck, bird inlays. Standard 24, 22, SE 245 (lp style) and Santana

  • Innovation: digitally controlled analog circuits. Elixir strings. 


  • Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay

    • Two synchronized delays in one

    • Two delay time and delay mix controls, on/off switch, tap tempo

    • 3 types

      • ADM - early 80’s adaptive delta modulation

      • 12 bit - mid 80’s pulse code modulation

      • 24/96 - high resolution with subtle modulation

    • off/Light/deep modulation

    • LOTS of subdivisions, triplet, 8th, dotted 8th, dotted quarter, and “golden ratio”

    • “free mode” unsyncs the two delays,

    • Delays can be set to series (like two stomp boxes), parallel, or ping pong. Parallel means the two delays don’t interact. delay 1 is left, delay 2 is right.

    • http://www.strymon.net/dig/

  • Pedal Genie - pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

    • Create a wish list of pedals you want to try out

    • $34.95/mo for 1 pedal, or $59.95/mo for 3! First month is only $1

    • NEW Pedal of the Month club. 1 pedal/mo from a curated list of the coolest gear

    • TONS of gear from a great list of manufacturers

      • Caroline Guitar Company, EHX, Mission Audio, Z.Vex, Pigtronix, to name a select few

    • They send you one at a time, and you keep it as long as you like

    • Pedal buy-out options

    • Pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

  • Dynamount Kickstarter