Ep. 000039 - I'm Givin' Ya The Yeti

Quick Rundown


  • Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas

    • All analog tremolo with tons of controls, in typical Chase Bliss form

    • 2 modes - standard and harmonic. Use either, or both together. An analog trem first!

    • Modushape controls lets you change each half of the waveform and then lean the peak forward or backward

    • Internal preset bank, tap tempo, tap/midi in, expression in

    • A billion dip switches for insane expression control

    • Preorder for $299 now at CME

    • http://chaseblissaudio.com/gravitas/

  • This episode of The Tone Control is brought to you by Pedal Genie! Head to pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol to sign up for only a buck! This week: The JHS Colour Box. Oh yeah... you heard me. 

  • Damcaster Guitars

    • Guitars built from reclaimed pine from a dam in Georgia

    • The Chattahoochee River dam was built in 1860 with wood that started growing before the revolutionary war. Dam was removed in 2012

    • Only tele’s available right now, but everything about them is built to order

    • All feature a gunstock oil finish to highlight the wood

    • Rusted steel pickguard, vintage tuners, vintage bridge, handwound pickups by Mullinax (GA)

    • damcaster.com