Ep. 000037 - The Today of Then of Over There

000037 - The Today of Then of Over There

Quick Rundown:


  • Soundbrenner Pulse IndiGogo campaign

    • Bluetooth wearable metronome for musicians

    • Vibrate + LED flash. Vibrate is 3-6x stronger than a cell phone and LED color is customizable (or off)

    • Soundbrenner app lets you dial in BPM, spinor tap on the face of the device

    • Multi-Link lets your entire band connect to one control app and syncs vibrations. Up to 10 devices can multi-link

    • Wearable anywhere. Video example shows wrist, forearm, upper arm, ankle.

    • App includes rhythm exercises and practice tools.

    • Based in Berlin, they’re raising $75,000 and  have lots of great perks

    • https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/soundbrenner-pulse-wearable-device-for-musicians

  • Square Amps

  • Orange Rockerverb III

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    • The Netflix of guitar pedals

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