Ep. 000034 - The Phase Controls The Llama

000034 - The Phase Controls The Llama

Quick Rundown:


  • Neunaber V2 Stereo Pedals

    • Reverb, Chorus, Echo, and Shimmer

    • All DSP stuff, so the guts of each are basically the same. Same controls, same everything.

    • Sounds for all the other pedals in the line are available for free download for you to USB over to the pedal. So your echo can become a reverb or chorus, etc.

    • ExP controller uses POE to connect to the V2’s, allowing you to toggle between all four effect sounds. 2 Presets for each bank

    • ExP takes another expression-in to control the left, center, or right knob on the pedal

    • Slate model ships with no sound pre-installed.

    • $239 for the pedal, $99 for the ExP

    • http://neunaber.net/

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4oeY1BZfVY

  • MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine

    • Same fuzz circuit and controls as the La Machine (70’s style shaggy fuzz w/octave up)

    • Sub Machine adds a sub octave option

    • Controls for Volume, Tone, Fuzz, Sub, and series/parallel switch.

      • Parallel is the sub octave alongside the fuzz

      • Series is the sub octave into the fuzz

    • Octave up has been moved to a footswitch.

    • 9v DC, true bypass, $149

    • http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/sub-machine-octave-fuzz

  • he Tone Control is brought to you by Pedal Genie! Head to Pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol to sign up for only a buck! This week: The Devi Ever Godzilla and the AmpTweaker Swirl Pool. 

  • IsoAcoustics Modular Isolation Stands  

    • Known for studio monitor stands and things of the like

    • Now making modular systems that fit together for guitar/bass amps

    • “Overcome the sound isolation issues at nearly any venue”

    • All aluminum design, fully modular to fit your gear

    • http://isoacoustics.com/modularseries.php

  • Justin built an octave fuzz!