Ep. 000035 - Don't ask me, ask Carlos Santana

March 25, 2015

Quick Rundown:

  • Cincinnati Chili? I’ve been meaning to ask you about this phenomenon.


  • PRS Vela S2
    • The first offset body from PRS!
    • All mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard
    • Tele “plate style” bridge with two brass saddles
    • Starla Humbucker w/ coil tap in the bridge and a “Type D” single coil in the neck
    • 22 fret, 25” scale, locking tuners
    • Antique white, black, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Seafoam Green, Sienna, Vintage Cherry, and Vintage Mahogany
    • Price TBA
    • http://www.prsguitars.com/s2vela/
  • Pedal Genie
    • Pedal Genie is the best and we thank them for their sponsorship! Rent every pedal you desire for one low monthly price! Shipping is included and there are no late fees or time limits!
    • This week: EQD Organizer and the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
  • Catalinbread Antichthon
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M5ooUg-HnI
    • http://www.catalinbread.com/antichthon.html
    • Fuzz/Tremolo in one pedal, but it’s definitely weirder than that
    • 4 knobs - Volume, Space, Time, and Gravity. Weird sounds controlled by your guitar’s volume knob
    • 3 modes
      • Fuzz/Trem: Play soft to activate the tremolo and clean up fuzz, hard to blow it up and no trem
      • Tone Generator: Makes noises even if nothing in the input, but with guitar they “meld into one”. Volume controls the pitch of the tone and other weirdness
      • Normal: Basic fuzz/drive with complex harmonix.
    • 9-18V, handmade, true bypass.
    • $169

JP1 mod and new tubes for the Valve Jr.

Playing style inspiration?/What are you listening to these days?