Ep. 000032 - If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Overdoing

Joel from the band Royale joins us to talk gear news and run us through some of the making of “...As Long As The Money Lasted”. Pick up their album for FREE (or pay what you want) at thebandroyale.com

Quick Rundown:

  • EHX is making an Octave Fuzz. The Octavix has octave, volume, and boost controls, mini toggle for 9 or 24V. True bypass, $117.15

  • EHX Nano POG! Same as the Micro-POG but in the Nano housing. Dry/effect out. TBA.

  • EQD Luminary octave generator is expected Fall 2015

  • Lenny Kravits’ 59 Les Paul?


  • 2 new pedals from Mad Professor

  • Fender Post Modern Series

    • Custom shop series, takes the best ideas and “fender firsts” over the years and puts them into one line of guitars.

    • Strat, tele, and P-Bass in the line. All available in NOS or “Journeyman Relic”, looks like closet classic

    • Strat has staggered vintage tuning keys, deep contours, compound radius 9.5-12”, modern pickguard/rout. Fat 60’s pickups

    • Tele has new bridge design, 3 compensated brass saddles, compound radius 9.5-12”, twisted tele pickups

    • P-Bass based on a 60’s body, deep contours, 60’s Jazz Bass neck!, new super tuff bridge w/top mount or string-thru. All that cool chrome hardware

    • http://www.fendercustomshop.com/series/postmodern/

    • http://youtu.be/YFjW8SKiQW8