Ep. 000033 - 2008 Gibson Witchcraft

000033 - 2008 Gibson Witchcraft

Friend of the show, Brian (@brmetalfan) from Project Adyon joins us to talk about his INSANE guitar rig, huge strings, and Peavy’s recent PR disaster. Check out Brian’s sweet ass rig video here - http://youtu.be/cNReZY_BHn4

Quick Rundown:

  • TC Helicon is making a Ditto Mic Looper. “If you can mic it, you can loop it”. XLR in/out. phantom power. same controls as ditto X2 (no effects)

  • Peavey is in some hot water after an episode of Undercover Boss

  • Strymon is making a “MultiSwitch” for TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius. Functionality changes with whichever pedal you use, but its things like a looper, bank control, tap tempos, etc $99


  • Gear Supply Company

    • Subscription service for picks and strings!

    • Winding their own strings

      • 9-42, 10-46, 11-48. 10-52

    • Standard pick shape comes in

      • .5, .6, .73, .88, 1.0mm

    • 1 set + 3 picks = $8/mo , 2 sets + 6 picks $14/mo , 4 sets + 12 picks $24/mo

    • All done in the US. PIcks are made from Delrin, a super hard plastic

    • Strings are made with a premium nickel alloy

    • gearsupply.co

  • Duesenberg Berlin Amp & Cab

    • 45 watt w/ 2 6L6, 2 12ax7 and custom wound transformer

    • Two channel w/ cascading gain structure

    • Footswitchable boost w/ hi/low setting

    • FX loop and 4/8/16 ohm output.

    • Awesome finish - cabinets are made from wood and then painted with a thin layer of metal particles that are then aged. Results in a rusty patina which makes each unit unique

    • 1x12 semi-open cab w/ 50W Celestion Alnico Gold

    • http://guitarnoize.com/namm-2015-duesenberg-announce-berlin-amplifier-cabinet/

What is Pedal Genie? It’s like the Netflix of guitar pedals. Rent any pedal you want for one low monthly price. Shipping is included and there are NO LATE FEES or time limits! 
When they say, “any pedal you want”, they really mean it. Pedal Genie gets all the latest gear from a great list of manufacturers including Mr. Black, Solid Gold FX, Keeley, and Aguilar to name a select few. 

The best news? The first month is only $1! After that, $34.95/mo gets you 1 pedal at a time (again, for as long as you want) or for $59.95/mo they’ll send you 3 pedals of your choice. 

Not enough for ya? If you find the pedal of your dreams, the one you CANNOT live without, Pedal Genie will offer you a buyout option. Prices vary with the length of your membership and the type of pedal, but you’ll definitely get an awesome price for the pedal in your hand. 

So now what? Just head to pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol to create your wishlist. Once you get all filled up with pedals and pay your $1, they’ll send you your first pedal ASAP. Pedal Genie: All Your Pedal Wishes Granted!

This week: The Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone Phaser and Carl Martin Bass Drive


  • Line 6 Firehawk FX Guitar Multi Effects Processor

    • Sweetwater exclusive

    • $449

    • 200 amps & effects (including 50 HD amp models)

    • Tuner...awesome...

    • Onboard tone controls - also bluetooth controlled

    • Bluetooth editing from new Firehawk remote app (iOS & Android)

      • Allows deep editing of tones & effects

      • Signal chain routing and assigning of functions to 10 button foot controller (plus expression pedal)

      • 128 presets - if using with Variax guitar, presets can also change Variax tuning

  • http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Firehawk
  • Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

    • Basswood & maple body w/ mahogany through neck

    • 6 color options

    • Custom John Petrucci Music Man Piezo floating tremolo

    • 3-way toggle piezo/magnetic selector, momentary mono/stereo output knob (Piezo Volume)

  • Pickups: HH - DiMarzio Illuminators; Piezo bridge pickup

  • Preamp: Custom Music Man active preamp; push/push volume for gain boost, 500kohm push/push passive tone for custom 2 pickup configurations - .022µF tone capacitor

  • http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/music-man-john-petrucci-majesty-electric-guitar/j05510