Ep. 000030 - Gotta Get Back On The Horseman

000030 - Gotta Get Back On The Horseman

Quick Rundown:
Ibanez is making a mini Tube Screamer! 
EHX is making a Bass Soul Food http://bit.ly/1AqLR0i


  • TC Helicon Play Electric

    • Vocal and guitar multi-effects in one box

    • Natural sounding vocal harmonies “guided by your guitar”

    • Guitar effects from the TonePrint line of pedals & looper

    • Amp sims from VoiceLive 3

    • Bank up and down for presets, amp sims can either change with presets or be global.

    • http://bit.ly/13N2OWL

  • Pedal Genie - pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

    • The Netflix of guitar pedals

    • $34.95/mo for 1 pedal, or $59.95/mo for 3! First month is only $1

    • Either make your own wishlist or join the NEW Pedal of the Month club. - 1 pedal/mo from a curated list of the coolest gear

    • TONS of gear from a great list of manufacturers

      • Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio, Keeley, T-Rex, Seymour Duncan, to name a select few

    • Keep your pedal(s) as long as you like, NO LATE FEES!

    • Pedal buy-out options

  • Shure MOTIV digital mics

    • Portable microphones for iOS and Mac

    • Four models, MV88, MV51, MV5, and MVi (audio interface)

    • MV88 is a stereo condenser mic that connects to any ios device with a lightning connector.

    • MV51 is a large diaphragm condenser w/ headphone out and touch panel on the front for mute, gain, headphone level. 24-bit/48k digital recording. Includes cables for iOS, Mac, PC, and Android.

    • MV5 condenser mic. More “standard design”. Also has headphone out and cables for your devices

    • MVi audio interface has XLR or 1/4inch in, touch panel for volume/gain/mode selections. 5 presets modes for guitar, line, vocal, etc. Cables for mac, ios, pc, android

    • http://bit.ly/1DtH0MU