Ep. 000019 - You Can't Hold Sound

Fun Fact: Derek forgot to record this episode on his real microphone, so you get to listen to a built-in laptop mic this week. So have fun with that... 


  • Mesa/Boogie CabClone

    • Passive cabinet simulator/speaker + mic alternative with built in amp load

    • Acts as an interface between your amp head and your DAW, Front of House, Monitor system, etc.

    • Speaker passthrough allows you to run a standard cab, but take a direct out along the way

    • Closed back/open back/vintage cab options, ground lift, phase inverter switch, and DI level controls

    • Question for Justin: what is actually happening in a product like this?

    • Price TBA?

    • http://bit.ly/1kIs3f2

  • Digital Audio Labs Stomp BLOX

    • Modular pedalboard system!

    • Individual pedalboard units are 12.5x8.5x2” and snap together!

    • Swing out feet for added height, perforated design similar to PedalTrain for easy and neat wiring, but these guys have loops for zip ties. love it.

    • Combine into any shape, upsize or downsize super easily, leave a spot for a mic stand, i love this

    • Even the gig bags are modular! Zip them together as you get more pieces to carry everything

    • $60 per chunk, expensive?

    • http://bit.ly/1k9TqyM

  • Pedal Genie

    • Create a wish list of pedals you want to try out

    • TONS of gear from a great list of manufacturers

      • Coldcraft Effects, MXR, T-Rex, Z-Vex, Wren & Cuff, to name a select few

    • They send you one at a time, and you keep it as long as you like

    • $34.95/mo but the first month is only a buck!

    • Pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

    • Good news everyone! if you get a pedal you can’t live without, you can keep it! Contact Pedal Genie and they will give you a buy-out option based on the pedal and your length of membership.

    • Pedal Genie PRO! 3-pedals at a time for $59.95/mo

  • The Distortion of Sound