Ep. 000011 - It's The Dyson Vacuum of the Guitar World

It's our first ever interview on The Tone Control! Kevin Billingslea of Too Late The Hero joins us to talk about recording, guitars, gear, and their new EP, "The Elevator Pitch".

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BANDCAMP: http://toolatethehero2.bandcamp.com

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/toolatetheherome



  • Victory Amps V30 Lunchbox head

    • 4x ECC83 preamp tubes, 2x EL34 power tubes, switchable to 6L6

    • 30 watts, switchable to 7

    • Effects loop

    • Separate master volumes for clean and overdrive channels

    • “single ended mode”? Whazzat?

    • http://bit.ly/1fwpHN7

  • Epiphone 2014 models

    • Epiphone’s 130th anniversary, new models and reissues galore!

    • Casino Coupe

      • ES-339 body size

      • 2 Epiphone P-90s

      • Cherry, natural, and vintage sunburst

    • LP Express

      • The smallest Les Paul out there, for travel… meh

      • 22” scale, hardtail strat style bridge is fully adjustable

      • Bolt on neck

    • Limited Edition 75th Anniversary 1939 Century Amp

      • 18 watt, 112 combo

      • 2x6V6, 2x12AX7

      • Master volume with pull “boost” mode

      • Master tone, bright, normal and dark inputs

      • Speaker out, footswitch, bias adjustment

    • Union Jack Sheraton

      • The “Oasis” model, celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Definitely Maybe”

      • Gibson USA mini humbuckers, CTS pots, Grover 18:1 tuners

      • Vine inlay at the headstock, looks awesome

      • Vintage style hard case and certificate of authenticity

    • G-1275 SG Doubleneck

      • You know it, you love it… yes you do

      • 12 string and 6 string neck, switching for either or both

      • Newly designed tailpiece arrangement, deluxe tuners, Alnico humbuckers on both

      • 3 way pickup selector on both

      • Hardshell case optional. Because fuck you.

    • Custom Models:

      • Pelham blue/black back Joe Bonamassa Les Paul, looks great (best color) Gibson USA humbuckers, grover tuners,

      • Alpine white Jack Casady bass, semi hollow design, one custom model pickup, offset body. Cool.

    • http://bit.ly/1gVcwch    

  • Taras Guitars

    • What is this spaceship looking THING?

    • SUPER fat neck encourages extreme outward bends on top and bottom strings

    • Reminiscent of Steinberg guitars, sans headstock

    • Floyd Rose trem, HSH design

    • What would you call this design? Forward thinking? Stupid?

    • http://bit.ly/1mt6Qf0

  • Railhammer Pickups launches the Tel90

    • Latest in the H90 series, P90 pickups in HB sized boxes

    • This one is a blend of a P90 and a tele pickup, still HB sized

    • 43 Guage wire, alnico 5 magnets, hybrid design

    • Full metal cover reduces hum compared to standard p90s

    • Neck and bridge models available, reverse wound to cancel hum in middle position

    • http://bit.ly/1oSqvUD

  • MusikMesse is coming up!

    • Similar to NAMM in Europe

    • March 12-15

    • Big names are there but a different set of indie builders

    • Should be some cool stuffs!

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