Ep. 00002 - Fixin' Bullcrap Since 1983


  • Foxy Lady project - Life size guitar book
  • Gibson Benchmark series - what's up with richlite?  
  • Fender reintroduces the Coronado and Starcaster - huh? 
  • Fulltone Supa Trem 2 -  <<In Stereo!>> 
  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch - Echoplex 3 clone, dipswitches allow for preamp tone! 
  • Top 5 overrated guitarists: Because other countdown lists aren't frustrating enough


  • NIN to release two versions of new album, and Ian Shepherd's take on it
  • FUZZ: The Sound That Revolutionized The World
  • Nose Pedal announces the Pick Your Nose Tour