Over the weekend I stumbled my way into a print shop near our wedding venue. They have a 100+ year old letterpress machine in house that they turned on for me and let me just say... wow. Pure mechanical awesome! 

So do any of my few yet incredibly fine readers have any experience with letterpress? I think our wedding invitations would really benefit from this method of printing.

New projects

I've got a couple of new projects in the works. One for my dad's company and another for a friend who is starting up a new project. Once some of the information is a little more public I'll share the work on here.

My friend's project has quite a bit of opportunity for awesome design. I hope I'm up to the challenge... she's already talked with some more artistic friends who will likely draft up an official logo that I'll then digitize and make into a brand. I can't wait to see where it goes.


It seems like the Chevron design is getting pretty popular (again?). I wonder what that's all about. I like how it looks in most minimalist designs, but I'm wondering if I need to avoid it... I haven't run into a project that it would call for something like that, but I can't help but wonder how long it's going to last. 

Like I said, I like the look. I just wonder what it is about it that's bring it back around.

Made from the lowest resolution stuff on earth

So there I was on my lunch break enjoying a nice Snapple Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade. Suddenly my eye catches it...

The eternal foe of the graphic designer...

Low resolution! 

The interesting part is that the Snapple logo was perfectly crisp and all the lettering across the top and bottom looked great. The nutrition facts looked like they should too. The graphics behind the logo were where the problem was. 

Here's a few photos I grabbed on my phone. I tried to shoot the problem areas next to areas that looked normal. 

So I have to ask: What the hell, Snapple?! Can we chalk this up to something as simple as a proofing error? Or is this the work of some renegade graphic designer?! Have I won something? DID I FIND THE GOLDEN TICKET LOW RES BOTTLE?!