Lauren & Ryan on 3/29

Next weekend I'm doing a sort of "light" engagement session for some friends! Lauren & Ryan are getting married over the summer and we're heading to "Cat Alley" in Manchester, NH to have a fun afternoon of shooting! Hope it warms up a little bit... 

It'll feel good to get out there and shoot again. They're both into a bit of vintage styling, so I'm going to definitely take advantage of shooting INTO THE SUN! *gasp* That's right kids. Lens flare all. day. long. I'll also get a few shots with my Holga lens and see what happens there, but I'm guessing that ship has sailed. Part of what made that camera so fantastic was the fact that you can leak and burn film. Can't really do much in that department on an image sensor. 

SO. I'll post some of my editing process here. I might do a bit of a before/after dealy for the blog, so stay tuned for that!