Product Photography: Part 3

It's a little bit of a gloomy morning here in northern New England so I decided to take advantage of the more naturally diffused light. May as well put these clouds to good use!

This time I faced my subject more towards the windows because the light was a little softer. I also wanted to make sure I got a little bit of reflection in the lens of my GoPro. Since it's too dark in my office for window light alone, I turned on the paper lamp in the corner and got this nice soft yellow light. THIS is the "hair light" I was looking for yesterday. It threw off the white balance a little bit, but it wasn't anything I couldn't correct. 

I was using the glass again and this time I actually propped it up a little higher so I could shoot more comfortably. The light from behind the GoPro really helped with isolating it from the background on both the subject plane and the reflection pane. I got a much stronger reflection this way. I used the kit lens again all the way at 135mm, but I decided to go up to f/8 to make sure the GoPro was in focus from front to back. Yesterday I was running into some depth issues at f/5.6. 

The background light was definitely helpful this time. I just need to find a way to make it fill the entire frame now... probably a large bed sheet or over-sized paper would do the trick. It would no doubt soften the light even more, but it might be worth trying. Now I just need to get some C stands...