Product Photography

I've been researching product photography a lot lately in preparation for a big project at work. I know I'll need to some typical light-box style shots to make sure I can isolate the subjects from the background for things like print and technical sheets, but I'm also hoping to reach into the more dramatic side of things.

I still have a few weeks to get a feel for this type of shooting, and considering it's been 3 years since I did any product photography, I could definitely use the time. 

So it's all about making some interesting, right? Making something sexy. Here's a first introduction to photographing on my black coffee table. I grabbed and old SLR and went to town. 

Obviously this isn't the greatest photo ever taken, but it doesn't have some qualities I'm really interested in exploring. Most notably...everything but the subject. Yeah, this shot is about this old SLR I have, but what I really like about it is the interesting crop, and the extreme bokeh I got from my kitchen window (it's a little blown out back there, but we can work on that). My favorite part though is the subtle reflection of the camera on the table itself. 

This is just a simple wooden coffee table from Ikea, but I like the little bit of texture it provides under the subject. I still would like to try something with a high gloss finish that has NO texture, but I'm happy with this right now considering it's just a first attempt. The green from the trees is creeping around the body of the camera and spilling into the foreground, and the slight blues and purples in the lens are even being picked up by the table. 

I have more experimenting to do with this... Now I just need something that is my height so I don't have to crawl around on my floor like a crazy person.