Last night I met up with my photography professor from college for a nice dinner party and sharing of a few photos. A lot of her current students were there and they were talking about how active they are in the photo world and it really got me thinking about what is so different for me now that I'm out of college. 


They're being pushed. Hard. They're being pushed to find what's really inside them and clawing to get out and from the sounds of it, they're doing some really incredible work. All I can think of is that my only progress in photography in the last year or so has fallen under "I like it!". That's all well and good, and I honestly love photography, but sometimes I wonder what I could be doing if I had an instructor still. If I had someone assigning me weekly or monthly projects. 

I shared a few photos last night from my portfolio and I realized that not only has my photography style changes since college, but I'm afraid I've lost some focus (no pun intended. Okay maybe a little.) It's obviously okay to change styles. I've grown up a lot since my Holga 120mm days, and although I'll always have a place in my heart for that stuff, it's time for me to get into grown up photography. My real problem is, like I said, focus on a given style or subject. 

Do I even need one? I don't know. 

Someone give me an assignment with a due date. Please.