7/4/13 - Fireworks

Where would an aspiring photographer be without some Fourth of July fireworks photos?!  

Last night I headed down to Portsmouth to check out the fireworks display and attempt to take some photos. I shot about 40 frames, about half of which were keepers, and then chose 10 to post here. I've never shot fireworks before and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the result.  

I shot in bulb mode on my 60D at ISO 160 (can you believe it?) Fireworks are pretty bright so having such a low ISO wasn't an issue. Got a nice rich black background and evenly exposed streaks. My average exposure was probably around 4-6 seconds, depending on how many mortars were in the air at a given time.  

I started out on my 40mm prime at f/22 (again, way dark!). Having such a tight aperture really helped with focusing. Obviously it's hard to focus on things you can only see for a few seconds. I later switched to my kit lens, the 18-135mm and had it set at f/22 as well. I mostly switched for the variety of crop. 

Speaking of crop: These fireworks were RIGHT on top of us, so getting a nice shot of the city was more or less out of the question. You gotta work with what you have, right? I'm really happy with the results! Some of them look like feathers, some look like the aurora, some look like "the network" you hear so much about, and some just look like fireworks.  

So enough chit-chat. Here's the photos. Happy Independence Day everyone.