Doing what you do and not getting hung up on the rest

I generally enjoy reading Jared Polin's for all things photo. He has some great work and is really breaking the mold when it comes to photography information for the masses. 

That being said, I always felt a little...out of place, or like I wasn't the key audience because he generally shoots Nikon cameras. (Tips and techniques are for everyone, but some of the more interesting how-to's were Nikon based, etc). Recently Jared started playing around with the Canon 1DX and did some reviews. 

Obviously I'm thrilled for a couple of reasons:

  1. Yay Canon! (This is ironic by the end of this post)
  2. Broadening your horizons for the sake of broadening your horizons!

I don't necessary expect him to just make the switch to Canon at the drop of a hat, but I'm really glad to see the attitude about the whole thing changing. As a professional photographer, you need to shoot with a camera. Period. Do what you do best and don't bother hiding behind the little details like camera manufacturer. 


Here's a comment from his unboxing of the Canon 1DX. Best response ever, no?

Stop worrying about all this petty stuff and just go out and take some kick ass photos! I'm not saying there wont be a learning curve or anything, but you just need to dive in.  

I am a musician. Some of you might know that about me already. I play guitar. I don't play Fender or Gibson, PRS or G&L, Parker or Reverend. I play guitars.  

The minute I made a conscious effort to say that to myself I became a better guitar player. Sure, I have preference for string spacing, pickups, fret heights and all of that (as every photog has their preferences too), but I play guitars. Not this guitar or that guitar, Guitars. Everything else is just an excuse to get bogged down by. 

WOW. Okay, is this a rant? Sorry about that if it is. I'm just tired of seeing people get so hung up on stuff like this. Do what you do! I hope this maybe inspired you to drop the act and just GO FOR IT; whatever it might be.