Flickr's Comeback

I always thought Flickr was a powerful tool, IF you were willing to put a lot of work into organizing it, or even paying for it. I had a handful of photos up on it for a while but didn't manage them well and never really saw the benefits. 

Well earlier today I received an email from everyone's favorite Fro with news about the latest Flickr update everyone's been buzzing about.

1TB of FREE Photo Storage.

Do not adjust your monitors. You read that right. 

Full resolution greatness stored for FREE. Scratch the 2GB limit of yesterday, 1TB. Incredible. 

On top of this, they've COMPLETELY redesigned the website for the better. I absolutely love it. You can view photos in native resolution much easier than before, and it's finally all about the content. 

So I'll probably be spending some more time over there pretty soon. If you're a Flickr'r, find me there at (you guessed it)