So if it wasn't clear before, I just want to point out that I am still very new to the digital photography world. I have a halfway decent background in photography in general and specifically darkroom & alternative processing, so the world of digital it something that I'm still just dipping my feet into at this point. 

After college I couldn't get into digital right away because of cost and ignorance to the technology. I was really holding out on a darkroom. I even had an enlarger until just a couple of months ago. So basically, I know my way around a camera, but at this point I'm still trying to get my eye back. Lucky for me, the barrier to entry on digital is only getting lower, and I'm finally here. 

So with all of this in mind, I encourage you to comment on my blog posts and photos with any constructive criticism you might have. I'm really looking to expand on my techniques and ideas, so don't hold back. 

Yesterday I saw a video from photographer Adam Lerner who has offered to review and critique portfolios of us common folk (cool!).  So with any luck he'll be able to check mine out. I'm not expecting (m)any compliments here but this guy is a pro and I'd just love to hear what he has to say about my work. Hopefully he digs some of them along the way.