Off-camera flash: An Experiment

My 430EXII Speedlite arrived yesterday! It took a lot of reading and experimenting but I was able to pair the flash to my 60D as a wireless slave flash. Off-camera flash is definitely something I want to experiment with moving forward. Hell, using a speedlite properly in general is something I wan to learn. I've got quite a bit ahead of me it seems... 

So far it seem like a great way to get really high contrast, but properly exposed shots. Last night I was experimenting with firing the speedlite in near complete darkness. I was at f/22, & ISO 125. I was using a slow shutter, but since it was so dark and the flash on the 2nd curtain, there wasn't any shake.

So I shot my go-to Silver Dollar Tree (apparently that's what that's called...who knew?) It's a nice creamy off white. Took a few of that, but then graduated to the pumpkin. We have a blown glass pumpkin in my living room. It's huge and really pretty. Very detailed glass work. 

Anyway, I put the speedlite behind the pumpkin firing straight into it and positioned myself right across from it, essentially shooting into the flash. The results were pretty exciting. Super rich color with high contrast (and high dust visibility...I should clean more.) 

Anyway, I should be heading to the DSD Media Studios office later this month. Hopefully we can set up a two or three light shoot! 

Here's a few examples. These are straight out of the camera, shot in JPEG, no fuss.