Notes on concert photography

Last night I went to shoot Tristan Omand at The Brick House in Dover, NH. It was definitely a challenge...

  • He was under really really red lights. I had to white balance all the way down to 2200K or so, and they still came out pretty orange. 
  • It was dark. Like really dark. ISO was cranked up to 3200 and I was still not getting the shutter speeds I was looking for. I didn't want to be that guy and break out the speedlite though. We were at the bar, after all. 
  • Not many of my shots came out TACK sharp. I was shooting with the 40mm f/2.8. Handy little thing, I'm really enjoying the shots I get from it, but my shutter speeds just weren't high enough. The lights were making this particularly challenging
  • I just have to shoot under exposed I think. I don't want my ISO creeping up much higher because of noise and poor saturation (see my ISO test). That's why you shoot RAW right? I just need some more practice and to bump things around in Photoshop later.

This isn't to say i didn't get ANY good photos, but out of the hundred or so I shot, my keepers are few and far between.