New photos

Street photography is something I want to break into (along with almost every other aspect of photography...) 

Earlier today I went for a drive and stopped in Dover. I missed "the shot", unfortunately. I couldn't park my car in time, but I am pretty happy with what I got.

What was the shot? The shot was the old woman from the crossing the street photo holding up a big cutout of a hand giving the peace sign with PEACE written at the bottom. She looked so tired and cold. Like she'd been standing at the corner for decades... Just when someone came to help her pack her things and cross the street. 

She was quickly replaced by a flag and art wielding couple who were pretty surprised to see me, I think. 

Additionally, I think I've found a black and white toning style that I really like. I like the option of warming them up just a little. Not a sepia tone or anything like that, but just more of a warm-tone paper look.