It has been a long time...

And I'm really sorry about that. 

I've been incredibly busy with my day job and haven't had any free time to take photos.  

On the flip side, MORE of my time is being soaked up by a new podcast I'm doing with a friend called The Tone Control. We talk about guitars, recording, and everything in between (I like to say it's the stuff of making music) and it's actually hosted on this very website! It's a hidden page, but I'm sure if you know how to use the internet you'll be able to find it.  

Anyway, I'm shooting my uncle's wedding in a couple of weeks and I'm using some rented gear from I'll definitely be posting some shots from that gear and of that day pretty soon so hang tight!  

Remember, sometimes this site will go dark, go weird, go personal... whatever. I'm still around. Fear not.