Brand Identity

I've recently started developing a branding guide for work and it's really opened my eyes to the importance of brand identity. 

Obviously having consistency in your shceme and messaging is incredibly important, but I now realize how much more goes into that.  These are things I've done on a day-to-day basis, but now that they're being noted and explained in a document it's so much more apparent. 

I think this will really help me establish a stronger idea of what do for a client when freelancing. Speaking of which; the new Expressions 4Ever Photography logo is moving right along! We've gone through a ton of revisions (as usual) but after sitting around and brainstorming I drew up something we were both really happy with.  

It has some graphical interest, which I like, and some quirkyness that she of course likes.  All in all I think this went pretty well.  I'll try and post the updated version to the site tonight, but spare me if I forget : )