Drawing tablets

Does anyone out there have any experience with Bamboo drawing tablets?  I'm thinking about getting one for work and have done a little bit of research.  It looks like Wacom has just revamped the entire Bamboo product line, which is nice.

I don't think I need multi-touch input (although I guess that'd be cool).  I think I'd be all set with the Bamboo Pen (pen input only).  Of course I'm currently bidding on one on eBay that is the Pen + Touch model, but I don't think it'd be a deal breaker. 

It's about $80 for one.  Way cheaper than I expected... Wacom makes some way more advanced drawing tablets that start well over $200 but that's out of my price range (and probably has some stuff I won't use).

So, yeah.  Have any of you used one before?  What should I look for? Stay away from? I feel like Wacom is the proven brand, and I've heard good things about the Bamboo line just in passing.  Are there any other brands I should consider?

If you have any useful information for me please feel free to leave it in the ocmments below!  Thanks everyone : )