Good design is good design (is good design)

Verizon's current campaign of "Rule The Air" is great in my opinion.  I see it on billboards, TV commercials, busses?  I love their look.  That rough textured red background that vignettes towards the edges - fantastic. (Does anyone know what that texture is, by the way?) 

However, I recently noticed that big red's Rule The Air icon pays homage to the old RKO Pictures design.  If you aren't familiar with RKO Pictures they were one of the biggest movie production studios in the early days of Hollywood.  Films such as "King Kong" and "Citizen Kane" came from RKO Pictures.

A lot of people might call this a "rip off" or "stealing" their design.  In my eyes, Verizon noticed something truly great about a classic image and adopted it as their own.  I guess you can call it inspiration.  So I guess what I'm saying is, good design is good design.  Period.  It doesn't matter what inspired you to create something.  What matters is how you created it and how you made it your own.  


This one, for instance, is classic.  Timeless.  It was timeless the first time anyone saw it.  It's a powerful concept.  The ability to broadcast shrunk the globe and both of these designs take that literally by placing a gigantic antenna atop the world.  Not to mention what a great slogan Rule The Air is.